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Are you looking for some Muslim collection for Lesser Bairam, the annual Muslim religious festival? On that day, Muslims will dress in festive costumes, and go to the mosque to participate in the celebrations. To celebrate Lesser Bairam, we have prepared lots of Muslim collection at a big discount - up to 55% off! Whatever you want is women dresses, men dresses, kid dresses, scarf, bag, and shoes, we all have on Wholesale7.

Women Dresses

This maxi dress is full of the feminine with extensive floral and deep v neck. It has three colors: black, lake blue, blue, and four sizes: S, M, L, XL. 

If you don't like extensive floral, this yellow muslin dresses is a great choice. Filling with elegance, this long dresses will make you look stylish but not dramatic.


Simplicity is the fashion for men. This long thobe has two colors, white and grey.

This long thawb is delicate with a side pocket and streak on the right shoulder. Unlike to other flat thawbs, this thawb has five colors: Wine Red, White, Beige, Camel, Dark Gray.


Don't forget your kid to dress up. No woman will reject pink. I think your girl will love this cute pink dress. 

The style of this skirt is classic. It has lots of colors, and you will find a favorite color of it.

When you have no idea to select a scarf, you can think about this black simple scarf.

Wanna be different? This lace scarf is a nice choice for you. 

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