【Travel in China】 --- Phoenix Ancient City

There is a mountain hugs it
There is a river  running and turn around it
There are many pretty streets,wonderful buildings and kindness people.
                                                                 ---- Phoenix Ancient City

Have you ever heard China?
Have you ever come to China?
I was lived in China for years and went to many beautiful places .
Today,I will show you one of my favorite city in China,named Phoenix Ancient City.
The Phoenix Ancient Town is located in Hunan Province.
It is known as the most beautiful ancient town for its long history 
and well-preserved appearances.
The name of Phoenix town mainly derived from 
the Phoenix Mountain which is in a phoenix shape.

Now,just following my step and look at this nice ancient city.

We were arrived there in night and watched the amazing scenery .

Fresh morning,we have a look at this ancient city.Everything is so different and special,we never see this before.

They wash the clothe near the river ```

They put the quilts in such a awesome way```

Kindness local people brings us treval around by boat.I enjoy the wind and such  a ancient experence.

Love the scenery,full of style,it seems that all the houses are holded on by bamboo,and it's called stilted building,although it looks a little dirty.

 Famous Wanming Tower,but I didn't enter there.

Lovely coffer shop,why not take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee with me?


Famous brige in this city,catch my eyes here````

They prawn in the river,and I waiting for the magic time.

Funny show,happy time.

Good-bye,my dear city.

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