These Dresses Will Be Flattering To Wear On All Body Shapes

While you may not think that there are women dresses fits every body shape, there are various styles of dresses do it, whether you are size S or size XLLL. We all know that black is considered the tolerant color, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to it. Keep reading on to see how these 5 dresses to compliment your body shape. Don't doubt - these dresses suits everyone we know.

1. A-line Dresses

2. Belted Dresses

3. Tea Dresses

4. Wrap Dresses

5. Little Black Dresses


Trend Hunting | Summer 2018's Hottest Shoes Are All In Retro Style

The Summer is on, which means it's high time to prepare for sandals. This season, a list of summer on-trend shoes is coming out - from toe-ring sandals to kitten heels to PVC shoes. Give your wardrobe a refresh under the help of these trends.

Ⅰ. Mules
Every season, from high-heeled sandals to open-toe sandals, comes in a variety of styles and colors. Whether it is paired with jeans or career apparel, mules are such versatile fashion items.

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Ⅱ. Kitten Heels
Classic kitten heels should not be ruled out. The trend keeps you comfortable in high heels while keeping you chic.

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This year, the fashion world is full transparency and Spring's clear PVC trend extends into the summer.

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Ⅳ. Toe Ring Sandals
 Toe ring sandals are making a comeback for summer. The unexpectable retro style appears in public with a more fashionable design.

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Ⅴ. The Dad Sneakers
A pair of chunky dad sneakers reminds you that don't live in the sandals world always. Dad sneakers make the perfect contrast to all your summer dresses. 

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