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Shh! Don't Share This Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress Insider Secret

Summer, is a season that the schoolgirl dotes on more because the summer belongs to the season of dress most basically. What fabric to wear in the summer is the coolest, of course, is a  long sleeve chiffon dress .   The light and shadow of colorful color and grotesque interpretations summer hopelessly romantic perfectly, so, frivolous and elegant tactility is to let snow spin the object that makes schoolgirl choose a dress to get favor most.   So, let me take you to understand the little-known secret of long sleeve chiffon dress.   The Fabric Of Chiffon   Chiffon is a kind of yarn (not spinning) product in silk products, with the characteristics of light, transparent, soft, and elegant fabric. In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, the original "silk" has been replaced by "chemical fiber". Its feel, style is very close or similar, so often said chiffon silk chiffon or chemical fiber chiffon.   The Discrimination Method Of Chiffo

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