Fashion Dresses are decided by five elements in 2017 trend

Although I've been written on fashion things blog in my free time, I also love learning about the new fashion magazines,TV show, and other fashion bloggers.

So at present, I think I'd share many fashion dresses blog for you here:
such as:
dress thick Korean Clothes in slim way
become a Mix Match Master
special series Boutique Dress on January sale to celebrate New Year 2017

This year, they all say the most popular in 2017 decided by the following five elements,they are The popular color, The process design, The design element, The material and Details of the design.

You can search more article who are professional to describe these. Master the trend direction well.

And there are my answer for picking fashion dresses 2017: pink
1.Sweet O Neck Lace Pink Boutique Dresses

2.Thin High Heel Pink Pumps Ponied Toe Wholesale Pumps

3. Sweet Style PU Pink Plaid Zipper Solid Shoulder Bags

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Why your closet is full, you still do not know what to wear?

When you are with a fast frequency to buy Zara, H&M every week......you've had a poisoning with these fast fashion items.

There is a saying,that when a women say she have no fashion clothes to wear, it's mean that she just have no new fashion latest.

But, when your closet is full, why you still do not know what to wear?

Today tell you a Fashion Dresses supplier for "The first-class design, the second-class quality, third-rate price".

              Bandage Hollow Out Cropped Tops:

Summer Sexy Backless Bandage Bohemian Maxi Dress

Euro Style Casual Striped Ruffle Loose Hotpants

Wholesale7 let more people to the forefront of fashion with the low price. And also fostered a huge fan for himself. I am one among them.

Seeing is believing for the Fashion Dresses design.

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How to become a Mix Match Master

Now everybody is tend to a Mix Match, but how can we show our fashion sense by wearing them?

It really a tough thing!

Today, follow after me, I will share you some skills of Fashion Dresses Matches.

1. Striped Flare Sleeve Blouse + PU Short skirt

check : http://www.wholesale7.net/striped-flare-sleeve-blouse-blouse_p250154.html

When you are going to a event, and you do not know how to find a suit cloth for you, you can try a new look in this Striped Flare Sleeve Blouse + PU Short skirt. Capable sence you will made.

2. Boat Neck Flare Sleeve Sweater + Jeans

check : http://www.wholesale7.net/boat-neck-flare-sleeve-sweater-design_p250093.html

Jeans are the classic one, Boat Neck Sweater can make you more cute.

3. Embroidery Short Sleeve Fluffy Dress + Mini white bag

check : http://www.wholesale7.net/royal-embroidery-short-sleeve-fluffy-dress_p249978.html

Short Sleeve Dress in Embroidery design, the main top popular choice 2017. Smart matches!!

Do you think it's suit for you, what's your mix match styles?

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