Floral Dresses Tell Everyone You Are On Vocation

Talking about the floral dresses, it rushed into the runways in 2014 and became the biggest light spot. The vine flower pattern and rose pattern of silk fabric displayed elegant romantic on the Dior show; Gabanna three-dimensional peach blossom branches and rose vines were the fragrant smell. Nevertheless, do you really know how to wear floral dresses?

In the case of similar tone, the smaller the flowers are, the easier it is to control. The large flower prints are suitable for gorgeous girls. The small floral flowers are suitable for fresh and young girls. The bigger the flowers are, the stronger the swell is. So if you want to be thin, you can choose the small flowers. If you have a large floral dress in your closet, or if you like it very much, you can use makeup to improve your facial presence, and of course, wearing a pair of sunglasses is the simplest way.

In fact, not the more flowers, the better. So, as a business lady, when you want to add color to the clean and smart dress, but don't want to lose your professional sense,there is no doubt that the concise flower printing is more suitable.
Dries Van Noten 2014

The brighter the color scheme is, the simpler and cleaner it is. The more turbid the color scheme is, the less clear it is, but it is easy to control.

The effect of printing on complexion is not as clear as the pure color, so you need to distinguish the background and large area with color. Of course, the advantage of floral is that the impact on skin color will not be as strong as the pure color because of a variety of colors.

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