Start to live life happily from now on

Do you know how to live life happily? It depends on your attitude of life. Life is full of ups and downs. A lot of things are out of our control. So we need to have an optimistic attitude to do with bad things happened in our life.

As a matter of fact, almost all people know it, but a few people cannot do it well. They always say, It is easy to say, but I cant take control of my attitude. Of course, it is very hard to change our attitude for someone because they will care too much about something. If they lost them, they would be unhappy all the time. Occasionally I will think why they cant give up the things which have lost. Past will not come again. Even though you miss them very much, you cant change the fact forever.

Thereby, as a fashionable lady, we should have our own life. Whether we get married or not, we should have our interests. In a spare time, we should do our favorite things, for example we can going shopping with our friends, buying suitable leather shoes, party dresses or fashionable handbags for ourselves. As I knew, many ladies, especially Chinese ladies, consider they cannot live without their husband. I dont think so. From my point of view, if we do hope we can have a better life, we should have our interests. If our husbands have no time to spend with us, we can do our favorite things on our own or with others. And we will live life happily than before. Do you think so? Anyway, I really hope more and more people can start to live life happily with their interest and optimistic attitude of their life from now on.

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