Some skills to fall items

We do not always master well the fantastic look the models on the show, so today let's talk about daily clothes that you can wear in a better way.

A must-have item-the pleated skirt in metallic color, which is one of the fashion items of the year. This yellow pleated skirt is a very youthful one, here it is matched with a white shirt. The two colors correspond to each other, and the color won't be very abrupt, and the style is sweet and neutral, blending with each other. When pair with same color high heel, It's a fashion looks for young ladies.

More detail for pictures:

Have you still choose the pencil pants once you enter the store? We'd like to say No no no, the most popular one is wide-leg pants this year. This euro black or white striped wide leg pants is a very typical style. It can also be used as casual wear. It's the choice of women in the office.

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