Choose Women Shoes in Perfect according to some simple tips

How do you choose quality and stylish women shoes? Do you want to own the true artistic talent ability? We at me poppy today aim to lead you so.

You always have a clear idea of what you are looking for and want to buy when you walking into a shop every time, however, you can not get the best one. Well, we'd like to say, keep your original idea.

There are some simple tips about how to choose women shoes. Show our research with you!

Step 1. Make sure the quality that your toe part and the heel keep their shape. The heel must keep in rigid, due to a soft heel can in a sag look quickly.

Step 2. You'd better choose the size of your new shoes larger than the size of your foot. Many people have one foot slightly larger than the other according to our search.

Step 3. Once you decide trying a high-heeled shoe for outside, do try applying a little pressure on the mid-foot.

Step 4. Our feet become slightly swollen in the end of the day, so, a pair of fitted shoes in the morning, maybe feel a little tight in the evening.

Step 5. Most of us trying on new shoes on a soft carpets, so it's sure feel comfortable. We advice you stay away from them and choose a bare floor!


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