Camel woolen coat- A timeless dress for you

When autumn and winter season comes, all kinds of woolen coats appear in the streets.
How do you choose them for your wardrobe?
What's your taste in 2017 autumn&winter?

I choose look the fashion trend in advance.

Wool coat has a lot of style, camel is only one of the coat color tones.

The first coat of wool appeared in the early 18th century, and its first appearance was in the British Royal Navy trainee crew, double-breasted woolen coat style seems handsome and practical, and therefore spread.

After the development of the wool coat has a variety of changes. Now can be divided into, single-row deduction, double-breasted and waist section.

Single-breasted Style

Waist Style

Hollywood actress loves it too.

How to match it well?

With light colors

With black

With tannins


Solid Asymmetrical Cardigan Trench Coat; 13.33 US$

Korean Style Cardigan Fitting Wool Coat; 12.30 US$

After seeing so many camel coat, there is a way to try one?

No matter the time past, Camel woolen coat is really worth the investment. Even in a decade, twenty years will not be out of date. But do pay attention to maintenance<33

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