You can dress thick Korean Clothes in slim way this winter

Winter is a season full of magic, which women can use thick Korean Clothes to disguise the body size they want. In the more and more cold winter day, you can also dress thick to show you long legs and small waist well.

I got Wholesale7 can help you in good match for your figure. And there are Fashion Bloggers secret shares in dress thick in slim way in winter. Quite modern, practical, still warm enough!

First, amke your underwear close to your body.

Tight fits are just like liquid makeup in the cosmetics, which is important. A close-fitting wear is key in winter wears, to keep you warm and will not increase the heavy feeling.

* The more thicker you take, the closer-fitting wear.

* The coat is bright, do not forget the Black, Dark green or Navy Blue. Well thin effect.

* High-necked sweater with a large collar coat is the best fashionable winter CP in recent years.

women pullover sweaters

Try them on~ show your syle of dressing thick Korean Clothes in slim way this winter.

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