You Only Need One For This Summer

  Good afternoon, my friends. How are you? Today is a fantastic day , the sunshine is warm , the sky is blue and the wind is so tender which makes me have an illusion that I’m in autumn,not in the hot summer. To be honest, I don’t like summer since my skin is too sensitive to withstand such a strong sunlight. I have to protect my skin carefully with sunproof coats, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen lotions. I know it’s exaggerating but I have to. Otherwise, my skin will burn me like fire, really uncomfortable. Thus, I do envy those who can enjoy the sunshine freely.

  My buddies, if you have the same skin problem like me, I strongly suggest you’d better prepare a sunproof coat for you own. It’s useful to protect your skin combining with the sunscreen lotions. What’s more, it can be used in the office to prevent the coldness of air condition. But the most importantly, Wholesale.7 net has a sunproof coat’s activity, all the clothing in this promotion has up to 20%off discount, it’s a good chance for us to save more money in a low cost price. By the way, it ends in May, 28th.

  Sunshine is important, but remember, know how to prevent the ultraviolet ray is more important!!!!!
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