Silk Scarfs Are Only Tied Around The Neck? You Are Wrong! (1)

 As an fashion item, fashion silk scarf is popular around the world. However, many people have a misunderstanding towards it, they think it can only be tied around neck. However, they have to change their opinions. Today I want to show you the most detailed various style in wearing. I wish it can help you a lot and break the monotony of scarves.

1.Cowboy style 

  Spread the large area of silk scarves in front of your chest to form an inverted triangle. Remember, choose the scarves that can go particular well with your skin color.

 2. Tie a knot

  This style are popular in 1950s, which is famous for its elegance. In fact, knotted style are easy to show woman’s tenderness and femininity. The best length of silk scarves for this knotted style is 70cm.

 3.Lightsome and elegant style

  I believe this tie method is the most “hottest ” among people since it goes well with unisex style. But do not choose the oversize clothing, it will ruin your total look. The perfect length for this style is 90cm.

 4. Necktie style

   It can create an casual feeling to people. The method is similar to tie a necktie. In addition, choose the thin one to avoid a bloat of knotting area.

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