Wear Colors In Your Feet ⊙ω⊙

  Nails painting, one of the most common art in our daily life , can beautify our total looks and enhance our auras easily. Thus, it’s pretty popular among all over the world. Many girls or women are willing to spend much money in beautifying their hands. But actually, on a large scale, nails printing includes hands printing and feet printing, although hands printing is much prevalent.

  In my opinions, I think because many people choose to do the hands printing rather than the feet printing, so if you have a fairly beautiful feet printing,it’s easier to attract people’s eyes than others.

  Do you agree with me? It’s true that winter can conceal our beautiful feet art since most of us tend to wear boots. But Summer is coming, it’s a suitable time to wear different kinds of fashion and trendy womans sandals, from thin heels to block heels, from pointed toe to open toe. Of course, open toe is your first choice to show your stylish feet printing.

  Have I drawn your attention after seeing such amazing photos? Hurry up to making a beautiful feet art≧△≦
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