Make Your Style, Lead The Fashion

  Womans fashion casual t-shirt, the common clothing, is defined as “ the most comfortable and the most must-have fashion items” in the world. I don’t believe nobody don’t have one for their own. Like we need water everyday, t-shirt is the “water” in our wardrobe. It’s all-matching, comfortable and chic!!!! Yes, I cannot deny that this common item is chic and fashionable, if you know how to select t-shirt and make you own style, then, you are dressing for success.

  As an Asian girl, I prefer the Korean style, so most of my t-shirts tend to simple and youthful. Like these:

  But there is no doubt that some special t-shirts seem being tailor-made for the European girls, after all, they have a perfect figure, I mean their plump breasts. LOL. Thus, the plunging-neck t-shirt is totally suitable for them to show their sexy.

  As I mentioned in the previous blog, “long bob” is especially for the t-shirt matching since the long bob can show your beautiful clavicle as well as your femininity, which is heighten the aesthetic feeling to your total look.

  All right, I have already shown you so many fashion items , do you have a desire to buy a now one? No? Never mind, I have chosen some chic for you all, which can perfectly accompany you to get through this "hot summer"

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