Dress For Success!!!! Block Heels Can Help “YOU” !!!!! (2)

  Hi, my friends, happy to see you again!!! In my yesterday blog, I mentioned that I would show you different kinds of womans fashion block heels. Now, first, let me introduce one of the classic block heels to you all-the “Chanel Two-Tone Shoes”. Here is the photo, can you experience its elegance?

  Pernille Teisbaek, who is very fond of chunky heels, is the big fan of this two-tone shoes.

  Although this two-tone shoes has another “version”, the thin heels. I still think the chunky heels is the most fashionable and beautiful.

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  In addition, it can perfectly match with everything, from varied dresses, jeans , overalls , even the prom dresses.

  Years after the baptism of more than half a century , it can remain invincible . Anytime, anywhere, one pair of shoes is enough.


  Slingbacks is the chic item which can totally show your sexy insteps. Combining with dress is so attractive.

  Don’t ever think slingbacks are only suitable for elegant woman, look at this, it can also “hold” this exaggerating ripped jeans.

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 Ankle Strap Block Heel 

  The beauty of ankle strap is because of its simpleness and purity. It doesn’t have cumbersome decorations, but I believe it can company you to pass through different seasons.

  Matching with printing/ floral dress is also chic.

  If you think the ankle straps is a little simple, maybe you can try this rivets-decorated block heels and give your legs a sense of security.

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