Dress For Success!!!! Block Heels Can Help “YOU” !!!!! (1)

  In my previous blog, I have focused on introducing the comfortable shoes: the woman essential outfits -laceupsAs an lazy girl, I always hold “ comfort as the root, fashion-based, the pursuit of good-looking” as my principle of fashion. Thus, today I think I need to introduce another fashion, comfortable and good-looking item to those whose have the same fashion attitude like me. That is “ block heels”!!!! In the Gucci fashion week, I have been attracted by its vintage fashion feast. 

  Such high-end and beautiful fashion advertising shoot, I bet Chloé has already won the fashion battle among different mega brands, my maiden’s heart has been captured≧0≦ 

Items For sales: 

  Gigi Hadid took the shoots for “Vogue” in this-year January, the theme of the shoots are called “G-forced”, yes, Gigi was wearing this fashion block heels⊙ω⊙ 

  In the Paris fashion week, Taylor Tomasi Hill precisely worn the block -heels loafers of Gucci, which is pretty eye-catching.

  Have you ever seen the “smoking slipper”? Although it’s different, it’s undoubtedly comfortable and durable. 

  When introducing block heels, we have to mention the fashion Danish blogger, Pernille Teisbaek. She has almost worn this block heels in this season. Matching with wide-legs and maxi skirts are beautiful.

  All of us need to prepare the “ankle strap” to attend different important and formal occasions. You know, as women, we have to know how to show our elegance and aura to the public. 

  This rough strap is also decent and exquisite. Expect for the common black one, the plaid one is more noble and retro. Mary Jane obviously know the truth. >ω<

  Tomorrow I will continue to introduce others block heels to you all. For example: the Chanel two-tone shoes and slingbacks. Hope you will like it. See you tomorrow!