Don’t Wear All Black, I’m Serious

 Don’t wear all black since I’m afraid you will turn the straight girls into lesbians because of your coolness.

  Don’t wear all black because I’m afraid no man will as handsome as you.

  Actually, many fashion girls like black, it can not only make you more slim, but also create an aura of coolness.

 Black items, simple but chic 

 [Black top]

Items for sales

 [Black pants] 

Items for sales

[Black coat] 

Items for sales

[Black Dress] 

Items for sales

  Matching like these, it’s the perfect look of black
  Choose a strong light contrast matching, you can attain more from less. For example: cotton and leather.

  In this summer, the most important thing is to choose a suitable black dress for your own. Let yourself become more beautiful.

  Long black coat 、 jeans matches and black ladies pump with hollow-out top, which is able to create an sexy but handsome feeling,

  Do you fall in love with "black" ?
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