Slits: You Best Fashion Partner

  There is a fashion element which can be individual and particular, sexy but connotative. You will be attracted by its personality. Besides, I know you will be surprised by the ingenious design of its details. Every basic style will become different because of this trendy slits dresses. Actually, it has appeared in 1970s.

  That is “ slits”. Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful lady in my heart, is a woman of great vigor of wearing slits. Look at her black prom dress in 2012 Oscar, that is the best interpretation in slits wearing.

  Miranda Kerr, another sweet girl, has a perfect understanding towards “slits”.

  However, it’s difficult for the ordinary being to wear such long dress, I suggest if you have a common figure, you can choose this all-matching slits skirt.

  In the grand and glorious fashion shows, we can always see the special original design of different kinds of customized dresses. For example, the 2016 spring catwalk of Atelier Versace, slits element has shown us the various fatal attractions.

  If you prefer the simple beauty of line, then you can get into the “hug” of DKNY. Although this brand doesn’t have amazing color and gorgeous postures, it has a unique confidence and vitality. The simple black, white and gray create an independent and ego world.

   Now, it’s the show time:

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