Who Can Say Petite Girls Can Not Style Their Clothes Well?!

  Sarah Mikaela, the fashion blogger in Denmark, is a genuine petite girl. She is only 152cm tall, but she pretty understand how to style her own well. On her way to success, she proves that “ petite is not an excuse, you can style your clothes well !” Now, let’s see her chic looks.

  She has a sweet face, which helps her to attract other attention easily. Her INS has more than 1 million fans!!!!

  Unlike other fashion blogger, she is never deliberately to pursue fashion, what she do is to obey her own style.

  Can you believe she is only 152cm?

  She is brave to put on bright-colored items, which is dynamic, youthful but not complicated.

  Because she is a petite girl, she learns lots of dressing skill to lengthen her figure scale, like putting the top into the skirts/ pants.

  In addition, she knows crop top can centralize others attention to her upper body well and show her sexy.

  Slits dress is another powerful items to lengthen the figure scale.

 Of course, pumps is the must-have women outfits for the petite girls.

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