Spring greens, Spring breezes, but Nothing Compares to White Tee

  T-shirt is the most common clothing in our daily wearing, moreover, it’s undoubtedly one of the all-match items in the fashion world. However, how to “ play “ this general clothing in your own style, that will be a fashion matter. In this spring, no matter how nice other clothing is , white t-shirt is your perfect choice.

White Tee+ Jeans
  My favorite fashion set. No matter the long jeans or the short one, it’s casual and liberal, which is easy to create an aura of unstructured ease. If you want to be more “ womanliness”, try to put on pumps, you will surprise to find you are chic and mature.

  The weather is getting warmer and warmer, short pants can help you to figure out the “hot weather” issue.

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White Tee+Wide-legs Pants
 The combination is not only comfortable, but also fashionable. There are few limits in choosing the patterns or colors of the pants because white tee is easy-matching.

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 White Tee+ Skirt 
  Bodycon skirt, slits skirt or other kinds of skirts are “sister items” for white tee, skirt is powerful to show your vigor and femininity. Besides, it’s more convenient for the beach resort.

  It’s hard to find a suitable item to match with a special cutting skirt, don’t make your problem more complex. Actually, a white crop top can fix this problem perfectly. Karla Deras is the best example.

  Want to wear the pencil skirt well? You need to make full use of white tee to bedeck your upper body and highlight your attractive figure. What’s more, white tee can also a elegant but youthful feeling to your total look.

  Maxi skirt with white tee is another eye-catching combination in summer!!! Choose the bright-colored maxi one to make your overall shaping more outstanding.

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White Tee+ Gird Print Shirt
  Many it girls like to put the plaid shirt around their waists, there is no other reason, I believe they just want to increase the layering sense of their look. Haha

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