Mother, I Love You

  Mother, I used to have terrible quarrels with you, but you always forgive me every time. I’ve once broken your heart and spoken rude languages to you, but you always forgive me without grudges. I cannot understand what you did before and think it’s all ascribed to your stubbornness and bad education. But, mother, I forget, you raised me for many years, teach me how to be a nice person and comfort me when I feel depressed and upset. Mom, it seems I forget how to show my gratitude to you, I forget to tell you that I love you and will always love you forever. I can still recall each birthday of mine, you would always buy me a big birthday cake and give me special gifts. You would take photos for me to record this memorable moment. But mother, sorry again. I don’t do much for you, I even forget your birthday, I cannot accompany you in Mother’s Day because I’m too busy. However, I’m wrong. Nothing is important than you. I realize that I have to cherish this coming Mother’s Day and make up all the time we lost.

  Mother, I hope to give you the secret gift, I want you to experience my sincerity and good bless. You are the most beautiful women in the world and I think only these fashion wholesale clothes can show your maternity and tender aura.

  Mother, except for my sincere gratitude, I also want to satisfy your material needs. Thus, I send you coupons for you to buy all the clothes you want.

  Remember, mom , I will company you to select these fashion womans outfits to dress you up until May,8th. You are the best.
  Thank you, for all the mothers in the world.