Fashion Is My Attitude (6)

  Anita Kurkach, a versatile girl from Minsk, Belarus. She has different status: fashion blogger , singer and songwriter. It seems she can act all her parts well. As an fashion blogger, her stylish looks get lots of popularity among teenagers. I think she’s like a “walking wardrobe”, even if she wears a common t-shirt, she always has a method to make her looks more chic and trendy.

  As a singer, she has a special voice and an unique understanding towards music. She’s hoping to create an “ Anita Music” to everyone, which can bring happiness and sound enjoyment to the world.

  When I see her looks, I can always feel her own temperament, which only belongs to Anita Kurkach. I means her looks are as if a spring song, fulling of energy and vigor.

  Anita, thanks for taking such fashionable and beautiful photos to us . Thanks for creating such wonderful rhythms to us and thanks for being Anita Kurkach with our trendy street style womans clothing.

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