Fashion Is My Attitude (3)

  Good morning, my friends, toady it’s the perfect time to introduce our 3th fashion blogger-Petra Terešak.You know, morning is suitable for appreciate the eye-pleasing beauty . Haha. Petra is a girl from Croatia, Zagreb. Unlike her cool appearance, she is warmhearted and polite. If you have gotten along with her for a long time, you will gradually realize that she is an energetic girl who yearns for freedom and loves life. When you visit her Instagram, it’s like a photo album, which records many precious memories in her travel time. If you are interested in this fashion girl, you can check:

  She is busy since most of time she spends time in enjoying life and experience various cultures in different countries. Thus, she doesn’t update her Lookbook frequently, lol. But when we deliver a work task to her, she always finishes it perfectly. I appreciate her life attitude and fashion cognizance. From her I know the real fashion should be based on life.
 Here are some personal portraits of her, all the clothing are provided by Wholesale7. You can click the photos and see more details.

  Hope you can also enjoy your life everyday!


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