Fashion Is My Attitude (1)

  Kristina Dolinskaya, a beautiful Ukraine girl, is one of our cooperative fashion bloggers. Today I want to introduce her to you all since I do admire her fashion sense. Unlike other bloggers, Kristina is not a thin girl, but she has a perfect figure scale, which gives her ability to match every clothes well, even a casual t-shirt. 

  She has a distinctive appearance, I believe everyone will be attracted by her in the first sight.Yes, the true is Ukraine is indeed a country of beautiful women. Haha. She has legions of fans in Lookbook and I’m one of them. I appreciate her working attitude and her sensitivity to the fashion. What’s more, she has the magic of turning the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal. Even though Wholesale7 is not a big brand and there is no doubt that our products are not as perfect as other mega brands, like Channel, Diro, Burberry, Givenchy. But the most importantly, when she puts on our clothes, she can easily form a high-end stylish elegance.

  Street style is her label. She can “play” the street fashion well. If you want to know more about her, you can check her Lookbook profile.
  Oh, all the posts include our products. Haha, smart as you, you know it.
  She is a special girl, the more you deal with her, the more you admire her.

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