Dress For Success!!!! Block Heels Can Help “YOU” !!!!! (3)

  Good morning, my friends. Women all wish to buy fashion comfortable shoes, but how? Actually, it’s hard to meet all the needs. However, I think “Lace up block heels” can help you to achieve this.

  To be honest, I cannot resist the temptation of its charm. After all, compare with those thin heels which has a strong visual impact, block heels are much tender and gentle.

  Except for the square-heeled shoes, you can also try different kinds of heels. For example, this horseshoes heels of Chiara.

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 Gloves Shoes 

  “ Grandma shoes “ are really hot in this-year fashion world. Although many of people cannot understand this fashion trend, it’s hard to stop it girls for being love with them. Undoubtedly, Pernille is one of the big fans of this fashion item.

   In fact, gloves shoes are all-matching like ballet shoes. But remember, do not choose the bright-colored items, they will ruin your total look.

 Block heels pumps

  I know there are a large crowd of people can’t accept these gloves shoes. Buy never mind, try this vintage ‘round toe”. The white one get lots of popularity. Do you like it?

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  If round toe can not satisfy you. Why not choose the “pointed toe”.

  Comparing to the thins heels, it’s much comfortable and youthful.

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   After reading this article, do you dare to say block heels are ugly?!

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