Ask For Help

  Hi, friends. Recently, I have found a really interesting app, which is called cinemagraphs. It’s so funny since the wholesale picture is motionless, only one or two parts are kinetic. I know many of you have “played” some GIFs like these, but this kind of GIFs are rare in China. So that’s too new for me. Haha.

                                                 You know, I’m a fashion writer, that means fashion and new things are my creative inspiration. I need every stylish things that relates to fashion. I need all the fashion news and something special. Then, I meet cinemagraphs. The Gifs in this app is so cool and chic. But the models are too little for me to choose. I wonder are there some interesting and useful app like cinemagraphs? Can you recommend some few for me? I will appreciate for it. Look forward to your replies.
  Have a nice day!