These 3 Coats, You Have To Prepare For Yourselves In This Early Spring!!!

  As the embarrassing period, early spring always makes people feel confused since it’s too hot to wear the thick sweater,while it’s to cold to wear the thin t-shirt. Therefore, many people will face a painful dilemma. This blog I will focus on describing 3 items you have to prepare in order to solve your confusing problem.

 No.1 Long Cardigan
  I strongly suggest you to buy the long cardigan and long dress since they are too beautiful and convenient. This gray cardigan matches with black dress, layer these two items up to create the sense of layering, What’s more, the thigh slit design is easy to improve the level of your total look.

  Long black cardigan with ripped jeans, fashion and cool, a typical look of street fashion.

  Long Cardigan and the white t-shirt and short pants, which can undoubtedly lengthen your leg line, like this:

Long Cardigan Recommendation:

 No.2 Baseball Coat 
  This item is popular in this-year fashion world, it’s not only comfortable , but also full of Korean sense.

  In fact, if you drape over your shoulders, that will become another feeling !!!! What I mean is you are elegant and noble.

Baseball Coat Recommendation:

No3. Denim Coat
 Denim coat combines with asymmetrical pants, which is really individual and special. A perfect item for those who love fashion.

 Denim coat and hoodie, a classic matching. Thus, it’s no need to describe them in details.

Denim Coat Recommendation:


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