Shirt Matching Skills:Get √

  You think shirt is too serious? Then add some lace-trimmed and ruffle elements in it. I believe it can strike you most.

  Fashion show or fashion week can always give us some fashion inspirations, which can lead us to a new area. This year, ruffles must be the most shinning element in each big brand.

  It seems all the designers know how beautiful the ruffles are, they all mix this fashion element into their works. Yes, ruffles can not only enhance the temperament of romanticism, but also enrich the figure line to emphasize your women's soft nature.Seriously, I cannot resist its temptation.

  Well, let us talk about the street looks, after all, fashion show is too far away from our life. Haha. As the most popular item of Miu Miu, this ruffle shirt get a lot of likes among fashion blogger and “it girls”. Combing with the high-waisted pants, it can highlight your vigor and girlish aura.

  I believe you are familiar with ruffle skirts. Even matches with white blouse, it can outline the delicacy and exquisiteness.

  Ruffle hem is the powerful magic for pudgy girls since it can elevate the waist line and hide the proud flesh.

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