Platforms Are Ugly? Are You Kidding Me?!

  You can not image how ugly the platforms are? See the pictures below, you will know that.

  Sorry for letting you all to see these picture which have no beauties at all. But don’t worry, today topic is to introduce the handsome and beautiful one, of course, not the negative examples above.

  In fact, platforms are easy to leave people an impression of ugliness , which is not because of their thickness, but because of these two points: one is not controlling the thickness properly. You know, too much water drowned the miller. The another reason is that : the thickness is heavy and cumbersome. We need to realize that all the beautiful platforms have something in common: the design line is clear and angular. Like them:

  Since we have introduced how to choose the proper platforms,now let me show you some fashion street snaps of platforms. I pretty sure you will restore confidence towards platforms and form a unique understanding to this fashion item.

  At last, it's time to show you my selective platforms, if you like it, take them home right now!!!!