Do You Remember Your First Bowknot Item?!

  When I was a child, I had so many bowknot items, like the bowknot hairbands, the bowknot decorated shoes and the bowknot dresses. Yes, as a girl, I have ever dreamed to be a princess and in my opinion, bowknot and fluffy dresses are necessary for my princess dream. Hahaha. Anyway, have you noticed the information from New York fashion week? We can see the fashion bowknot element in many big brand, like Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and so on. Today, let me introduce some classic but fashionable bowknot.

 No.1 Black ribbon bowknot 
  When mentioning black ribbon bowknots, we can always think of the European royalty since it’s easy to show your elegant and delicate aura. Either a bow around your waist or tied on your chest totally enhances the beauty of your look.

 No2. Exaggerating vintage bowknot 
  This bowknot deign usually appears in the every big band’s fashion show. However, some of the designers have mixed this exaggerating bowknot to their workday clothings, what a good news for all us!!!!

  No3. Asymmetrical Bowknot 
  Tie your bow on your one shoulder, add the youthful and the lovely feeling to your total look.

 No4. See-through bowknot.  
  Because of its special design and color, this bowknot is easy to attract attentions. What’s more, the sense of layering can create an vision difference, giving you a feeling a freshness.

  Ok, since I have introduced the fashion trends of bowknots, now it’s time to appreciate some classic looks of the fashion icons.

 At last, please allow me to recommend some fashion bowknot items to you all. Hope you will like it.If you want to know more details, just need to click the pictures.

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