Color Fashion(2)

  OMG, I promised I would update the another blog a week ago, but as you know, plans always change. Haha, actually , it’s too hard to find some good material for writing. (*/ω╲*) Yes, you are right, I’m too lazy!!!!!
  But, I’m ordered to write an article in 30 minutes!!!!! How mean my boss is and how poor I am.<( ̄ ﹌  ̄)> I think I’m crying need to write a private blog to bust on my boss ╯︿╰. My friends, I welcome you to join with me. LOL.
  OK, let’s go to the point. After all, I need to accomplish my task. ≧△≦ Today I will continue to discuss how to “play” the color fashionably and it’s time for you to rotate your own color disk!!

No.1 Pink+Blue 
  Combine these two most popular colors to create an elegant aura. In addition, it can surprisingly make a handsome and casual feeling to the public.    

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 No.2 Gray+ Burgundy Red 
  No matter what you match, these two color elements are easy to leave an impression of nobleness and dignity. Remember, how to interlace colors is the most essential knowledge for you all to master.⊙ω⊙

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 No.3 Yellow+ Orange
  If you want to match with more than three colors, you must remember to avoid “green”, “pink” and “khaki”. Two much bright colors will lower your level of your look and mess it up. Bright colors are able to enhance our vitality and youthful spirit.

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