Color Fashion (1)

  Color is the most leading role in four season, especially in the fashion world, color competition will never stop. Last year, Pantone had announced two major fashion colors, respectively are serenity and rose quartz. Do you want to match all the colors skillfully to your style? If your answer is “Yes”, so I think this article can help you a lot.

 1.Serenity: soft and youthful
  This soft blue has a powerful magic to ease our anxieties.
  2016 spring fashion show of Tibi, this soft blue matches with sequins pants and, which is handsome and entirely free.

  Here are some classic street looks.

Recommendation Blue Items

2.Rose quartz: Intangible temperament 
  Pure nature and womanly, I believe you can not resist its temptation.
  This girlish dress of Carolina Herrera is used the organza to create a sense of layering, which is like the purity of girl.

  In the other hand, Emporio Armani uses this natural color to create maturity, unexpectedly that is really harmonious.

Rose quartz recommendation:

  My friends, tomorrow I will introduce the other colors: violet, camel and white. Please stay tuned!!!!

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