Abnormal Body Measurement: “A4 Waist” !!!!

  Recently,there is a hot topic in China, which is “A4 Waist”. This trend has caused a heat discussion and many people have shown their slim figures in each social platform. I think I need to explain this new noun to you all. Literally, it means the waist’s size is the same as the size of A4 paper. In fact, it is a new method to measure or judge whether their bodies are perfect in A4 paper, just like touching your belly button with your backhand. Oh. I forget, do you know the size of A4 paper? According to the international standard, the width of A4 paper is 8.27 inches, which equals to 21cm. w(゚Д゚)w

  OMG, in my opinion. I think this phenomenon is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a “ unhealthy mentality” for showing off their figure, which takes advantage of fitness as an excuse. In addition, I think this abnormal aesthetic is easy to let the girls pay more attention to their look and body type, which is useless to their health for a long term.

  If you have a tiny waist, actually, you don’t need to accept this challenge to show off your perfect figure . Sometimes, a small gesture can perfectly show your tiny waist and ideal figure!!! The key is to know how to choose right bodycon clothing. Like these type:

 Hey, girls. Can you show me your tiny waist with our company’s products? I’m looking forward to your fabulous shoot. Send it to me, you can get a surprise!!!!!

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