Early Spring Matching: Let You Become The Focus

1.Black+ White +Gray 
  These three simple colors can create a high-end feelings, meanwhile, it’s the best way to show your calmness and composure. In the period of early spring, you can give priority to to black and gray, combing with a little white. It can make your look more fresher. If you think Only these color will become monotonous, you can also add some fashion element, like grid print. Or you can match with some accessories, like scarves, bags or so on.


2.Grid Print 
  It seems this fashion element can be popular forever, whenever it can become the fashion inspiration and focus for the designers. As for the choice of plaid items, I suggest you’d better choose the simple one, an exaggerated cutting or design is easy to reduce the level of your look.


3.Wide legs pants 
  Wide legs pants is a magical item in my heart, although it belongs to 1930s and 1940s, it’s also the essential item for the retro style, when it matches with t-shirt or blazers, it do create an modern feeling. In addition, it could highlight your figure scale, there is no doubt that you should prepare one for you own. 


  Spring is the best season to wear cardigan, it’s not as cumbersome as coat, the thin texture is the most suitable for this blossom period. What’s more, no matter the long one or the short one can make you look tender and gentle.


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