Be “Hot”?! You Only Need To A Jeans

  I have written so many articles to introduce jeans, yes, the fashion item that will not be out of date!!!! I’m a super big fan towards this item. I have more than 50 jeans in my house. The skinny one, the ripped one, the baggy one, the high-waisted one and so on......In my opinion, I think jeans is more practical and easy-matching than skirts, I can wear different styles with jeans like them...

  1. Baseball coat+blouse+cropped jeans The most suitable matching for unisex style, simple and handsome.

  2. The boyish oxford blouse matches with skinny jeans and embroidery coat can leave a cool impression to people. In addition, the snow boots can light up the total look because it can add another sweet feeling to this cool look.

  3.T-shirt+skinny jeans, youthful and energetic, matching with a black coat can lengthen your foot line and make you look more slender.

  4.Army green coat, hemming jeans,thin heels pumps. Too sexy and charming.

  5.Sweater and hemming jeans, neat and tidy.

  6.Smoky gray is the essential color to the wardrobe. Although it’s simple, it’s also fashionable and chic.

  7.Take advantage of sweater, denim shirt and t-shirt to create layering。

Here are the list of my recommendation


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