The Most Ugly Dressiness, You Must Avoid Them!!!!

  I need to state all the opinions are just on behalf of my own, after all, fashion is different to anyone.

  No.1 Transparent jelly bag
  Everyone can see what’s inside, I don’t want them to know which brand of the sanitary towel I use!!!!

  No.2 Complicated letter bag 
  To be honest, I can not sense any fashion element in this kind of bag, weird design, I’m sure it can lower your level.

  No.3 This kind of white shoes 
  Actually, I’m a big fan of white shoes, like this type!!! buuuuuuuuuuuut not this type!!!!! I believe it’s only suitable for the older whose ages is more than 50.

  No.4 Short lace silk stockings
 OMG, too ugly, I’m afraid no one can handle this even though you are a fashion girl.

  What’s more, the black silk stockings+ sneakers, this combination is another one that you have to avoid it.

  No.5 flesh-colored socks+ sandals
  Er, no comment.....

  No.6 Pocket appearing short pants
   To be honest, it’s like a sanitary towel if you see from a distance.

  No.7 Color matching dress
 I believe even you are a beautiful girl, you cannot handle this kind of dress, nondescript!!!!


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