Some Matching Tips For Pear-shaped Figure Women

  We have to admit that there is no perfect person in this world, all of us are the ordinary being , we have different imperfectness, no matter in the aspect of character or the figure, like pear-shaped figure. However, I have some matching skills to share to you all to help you conceal your imperfectness, let you become the charming woman.

Skirt Matching 
  1. Do not try the asymmetric skirt like this one, it can highlight your demerit, outline your imperfect leg line.

  2. Never try the bodycon skirt or the wrapped skirt, the tightness is easy to show your pear-shaped figure.


  3. You can try the translucent long skirt, on the one hand, it can entirely hide your legs, one the other hand, it can also create a mysterious feeling.


Stocking matching
  1. Never never never try the stocking like these, it will shorten your leg line undoubtedly and add a heavy visual impact for people.

  2. Please be careful to choose the black leggings, although it do make you seems much slender in some cases, sometimes naked foot can look much better.


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