Look Here!!!! All The Hairstyles Can Create An Oval Face

  I have to admit that an oval face is the dream for girls, especially in this appearance-judging era. Now, Let me show you how to get the perfect oval face.

Tip1. Traditional Long Hair 
  I wonder have you ever noticed that most of the professional hairstylists will suggest you to choose long hair if you are hesitate which one you should choose between the long hair and short hair, the reason is simple: long hair can lengthen the facial lines.

Tip2. Asymmetric Bobo
  The asymmetric hair line can make the face look smaller, meanwhile, hairs that fall to one side can make your cheeks look amazing as well.

Tip3. Thin bang 
  Full bangs can make your face look round. Icons will advice you’d better combine the full bangs with a stratified hairstyle. But you have to pay attention to your thin bang, make sure short in middle, long in two sides.

Tip4. Center parting
  No hairstyle can has a perfect effect to create the oval face like center parting, it can get a very good effect to lengthen the facial lines and show your perfect neckline.

Tip5. Part hair
  Part hair can soften the facial line, in addition, because of its asymmetry, your face will not look round any more.

Tip6. Bun
Bun is easy to draw the attention to the top part, is your another best choice.

Tip 7.
  Wave hair Wave hair is my favorite hairstyle. It’s not only show femininity, but also make our face more smaller.


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