If You Are Petite Girl, You Have To Master The Dressing Skill Of Sweater

  As a petite girl, I have to pay attention to my dressing to prevent some obvious dressing mistakes. Today, I want to share the dressing skill of sweater to you all. Although winter is slowly leaving, you still need to wear sweaters to keep yourself warm. There are some useful matching skills below, please read patiently.

  This is the negative example, don not try!!!! A heavy sense and cumbersome feeling assaults us.

  Remember, you should choose the short sweater, showing your waist line as much as possible to create a tall visual effect.


 2.Oversize sweater +belts 
  Actually, Oversize sweater is easy to create a heavy feeling, but if you match with belts, all the problems are gone. Belts can sharpen your waist line.


3.Choose a v-neck sweater if you are a Y-shape figure 
  V-neck can form a vision difference and divert attention lengthways, it’s the best choice for Y-shape figure.