Don’t Be A “ Fashion Killer” When You Wear The Snow Boots

  Snow boots always give people a sense of heaviness, but we have to rely on them to keep us warm in the cold winter, therefore, how to look fashionable when wearing this cumbersome boot is the concerned topic for many icons every year.

  Maybe we can get some fashion inspiration from the idols and the “it girls”.

  Tip1: Md-long coat+ Snow boots

  Super model Gisele Bundchen choose the black md-long parka, matching with black snow boots, the total look is all black, which can lengthen the silhouette.

  Gigi Hadid stands our for the navy blue and beige snow boots, which forms a vision difference and seems much youthful.


Tip2. Jeans+snow boots
  No matter the ripped jeans or the washing jeans, you cannot deny that it goes well with snow boots, but please pay attention to the cutting, you have to choose the skinny one, a baggy jeans will look weird and discordant.



Tip3. Leggings+snow boots
  Another example for all black, it seems icons prefer this look so much, but remember, the color of leggings have to be the dark color.


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