Corduroy: The Most Suitable Material For This Winter

  It seems that corduroy is a childish thing, which belongs to our happy childhoods. Our parents asked us to wear corduroy in order to keep ourselves warm and we didn’t realize that it has anything about fashion.
  Actually, corduroy is totally a fashionable thing, it has lots of color, such as khaki, brown, yellowish brown, light gray. All of these colors can create an vintage feeling. It hard to find an item that matches well with leather jackets like skinny leather pants, but corduroy has another special feeling, also chic, right ?

  By the way, leather jacket also goes well with corduroy skirt, but I suggest you’d better choose the dark-colored one to prevent an discordant and abrupt impression.

Recommendation Leather Jacket

  Tip2: Corduroy pants+ lambswool coat
  Corduroy is the perfect matching for the heavy lambswool coat, two heavy fabrics are easy to create an warm feeling to people.

Recommendation lambswool coat

  Tip3: Camel corduroy pants+ beige sweater 
  Camel corduroy is a common color in our childhood, I believe beige& camel can make your total look more “retro”.

Recommendation Sweater

  Tip4: Corduroy coat+ long dress
  It’s easy for you to buy a corduroy coat, but if you have this drawstring waist corduroy coat and matches with a long dress, I bet you are the womanly queen!!!

Recommendation dress

 Tip5: Corduroy dress+leggings 
  To be honest, corduroy dress is rare in the fashion world, but it doesn’t mean you can not handle it, in fact, it’s completely British style, a special fashion item.


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