Bellbottoms : A Kind Of Trousers That Can Match With Any Shoes

If I ask you: what do you think of 1970s? Maybe most of you will answer me: bellbottoms and afros. Yes, bellbottoms is one of the most representative items in 1970s, it has gotten lots of popularity among the teenagers since its chic wide-legs design. Nowadays, fashion designers have improved the features of bellbottoms in order to cater for today’s taste requests. If you are going to update your wardrobe, I believe bellbottoms is your must-have item. Now I want to introduce some matching tips for you all.

Tip1. Jacket + Bellbottoms 

Tip2. Casual tops + Bellbottoms 

Tip3. Stripes t-shirt+Bellbottoms

 Tip4. Leather jacket+ Bellbottoms 

Tip5. Sweater+ Bellbottoms

 Tip6. Blouse+Bellbottoms 

Tip7. Slits Sweater+Bellbottoms

 Tip8. Blazers+Bellbottoms

Bellbottoms Recommendations:

  Now, as I mention above, bellbottoms can match with different tops perfectly, but what’s kind of shoes should they match? I can definitely tell you bellbottoms can also match with any shoes, no matter the ankle boots, platforms, oxford shoes, sandals, pumps, etc. Give you some examples.

Platforms recommendations:

White shoes recommendation:

Flats recommendation:


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