5 Tips To Wear Black Sweater!!

  I believe everyone has at least one black item in her wardrobe. Who doesn’t have? Black is cool, classic and mysterious, it’s the must-have color for each girl. But how to wear it to improve your overall beauty, that is a question. If you mishandle it, your total look will give people a sense of monotony. For that reason, today I will share some good tips for you. Please be patient to read this article.

 Tip1. Crop Top+ High-waisted pants 
  This matching is one of my favorite matching skills, crop top can shorten the line of the upper body while the high-waisted pants can accentuate your leg length, which can create a perfect figure and form a vision difference to make you look taller.

 Tip2. Turtle-neck sweater+Maxi skirt
  This is another common matching for people, remember, the skirt should be the wrapped one and the length have to be near the knee. But it’s not a suitable matching the petite girls since it can unbalance your figure scale.

 Tip3. Black sweater+A-line skirt/ umbrella skirt
  This wearing skill is perfect for the petite girls, the key is to select the tight sweater and the same color short skirt, I suggest you can choose different fabric for these two items, it can raise the level of your whole look.

Tip4.Baggy Sweater+Skinny jeans+Ankle Boots
 Another classic matching for icons, it’s casual and the skinny jeans can make you look more slim and slender, high-heels can also cover your figure small flaws, which can lengthen your silhouette.

Tip5. Wide-leg pants +Sweater 
  If your are a pear-shaped figure woman, I believe wide-leg pants will be your “best partner”. It can conceal your thick calf and make the look more modern. In addition, wide-leg pants is one of the fashion element this year. So, how can you not like this look?


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