Trip to Harbin

  As a southerner, I have never experienced the freezing weather, never have a snowball fight and make a snowman with my friends. I love my city, of course, I born here and grow up here, but sometimes I do envy those who live in the north, envy they can see the beautiful snow-covered landscape, lol.
  A few days ago, my friend sent me some photos in Harbin, she says Harbin is an adorable city, the people are nice, the food is delicious and the landscape is gorgeous. She wrote in the postcard, which is attached such a word: when you feel tired, you have to go to a new place to experience a new life and I believe all the that annoyances will not see important any more. I know her feeling after seeing these beautiful photos.

  Nature is marvellous and she do have such a magic that surprise you most. Thanks you for giving everything to us.


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