Sharing: Bun Teaching Course

  My dear friends, are you tired of curly hair, straight hair or ponytail? You need a change? Want to give someone a fresh impression? Now, you need to know how to do a bun. “ Bun” is really popular in Japan and it shows youth and sweetness of girls, so it get lots of favors from all over the world. Do you like “ bun”? If you answer is Yes, you can continue to read. Now, try to do it by yourself. ≧ε ≦

  Step 1: Wear your hair in ponytail.

  Step 2: Turn your ponytails into fluffy braid.

  Step3: Grasp the bottom of your ponytail.

  Step 4: Twine it into “bun”

  Step5: Firm it with hairpin

  Back elevation

  Simple, right? Try it now≧0≦. Btw, “ bun” is goes with T-shirt and skinny jeans. And now I want to share some chic clothes and pants to you.


Skinny Jeans:

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