Helpful Dressing Tips, Make You More [Taller]

  I believe there are lots of girls having the same troubles in dressing as me. I’m just 155cm tall who is defied as a petite girl. So I dare not try anything that can make me look shorter, like long coat, long cardigan ans so on. But if your know these dressing tips, I think you can get rid if these problems.
1. Sweater Tips

  If you have a loose-fitting and long sweater, the effective way is putting the front edge into your pants like this. This method is useful to highlight your slim figure. Sweater recommendation:

2. The short coat+ankle boots 

  I need to say this is my favorite matching skills, I’m sure you know what I meas. Recommendation: Short Coat:


  Or like this:

  3.Hoodie Tip
  Choose a simple design hoodie and match with a high shoes, it can easily lengthen your silhouette.

  4.Roll up your bottom
  This method can form a vision difference and make your lower body more slender.

  5.Put your top in your skirt

  It has the same effect like tip 1.

  6.Choose a shorter top

  A crop top can let you seem more tall and thin.


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