Gold Tips For Your Makeup≧ω≦ 

All of us have minor defects in our skins, so learning to conceal your defects is particularly important. Here are the 11 rules for you, remember that, you will have a perfect makeup.╮(╯▽╰)╭

Tip 1: Rendering first, then use concealer
  Please use the concealer before using the makeup bottom, its natural covering effect can reduce preventing you from smearing a thick powder.⊙ω⊙

Tip2: Treatment for black eyes 
  The correct method for concealing black eyes is painting a inverted triangle under eyes. This simple treatment can whiten the eyes’ skin and leads to a bright eyes. ●ε ●

 Tip3: Firm the eyes shadow
  Use the concealer before eyes’ makeup, it can easily maintain more durable and prevent the eyes shadow for falling off.

 Tip4: Powerful remedy for acne 
  A green concealer can balance the hue for the red acne, it’s very useful~~~~~≧ 3≦

Tip5: Conceal your chest’s acne
  If you need to wear the deep v-neck dress to attend a party, and unfortunately you have acne in your chest. Don’t worry, you just need to pick up a concealer which is the most closest to your skin color, and then use to loose powder to solidify.

Tip6: Eyes highlights 
  To make yours eyes larger,use a lighter color concealer in the crease, shimmery ones on the brow bone.

 Tip7: Principle for hue 
  Green concealer is for acne, the pink one is for (blue) bruise, while the last one is for any uneven tone.

 Tip8: Concealer is your good partner for makeup.
  A fault is inevitable when making up, a concealer can help you to be more effective since you don't need to clean your look.

 Tip9: Play-full plump 

  In order to make a distinct contrast for your lip color? You can smear a thin concealer to your lip, which can really surprise you. ≧0≦ 

Tip10: Make your lip looks more solid & sexy 
  Tired of your flat lip gloss? Yes, a concealer can help you to let your lip looks more solid and sexy. 

Tip11: Lip shape
 If you think your lips are too thick or too thin, you can use a concealer to smear evenly your lip color, then paint a lip as you like.


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