Fashion Wear Of Down Coat!!!

  If you want to keep yourself warm in this cold winter, I believe down coat is your first choice. However, it always make us look heavy, so how to dress it in a chic and fashionable way? Here are some tips for you.

  No.1 Long down coat The long down coat is suitable for tall women, but you have to pay attention to its cutting, choose a spiffy one than a complicated one. In addition, because down coat has a fluffy feeling, you’d better choose a skinny pants when you wear it.


  No.2 Md-long down coat This type of down coat is popular in all over the world in contrast to the long one. But I recommend you to select the thin one or the waisted shape. It look much better than the common md-long coat.


  No.3 Short down coat Everyone can handle short down coat and it’s also the best choice for pudgy upper body girl. The white , the black or the beige one are the most classic. It’s also my first choice, hahaha.



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