Excited !!!!Christmas is Coming≧△≦

  Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh. Hey!!!≧ 3≦

  When I was on the way to work today, I heard this classic song, then I realize that Christmas is coming>ω< and I know I will be busy in the coming days. I need to buy more Christmas costumes for the party and prepare more food and snacks. In China, the young generation like this special festival because it means we have a carnival with our friends. Meanwhile, we have a “ excuse” for coming home late. ╯ε ╰

  But for me, preparing the Christmas costumes is a problem since I have to work late and at weekends, I need to go to the Spanish course for further education, so online shopping is really convenient for me. Maybe all of you notice that I always recommend “ Wholesale7 ”, it’s because I brought a lot of clothes from it and found most of them have a reasonable price and the quality is not so bad. Although some of them are just so so. ≧﹏≦ Now, I like these clothing below because it varies all style. From the sexy one, the elegant one, the simple one to even a cosplay. I hope my friends will like them.⊙0⊙

 By the way, my dear friends, do you have some special skill for bargaining? I need to save more money>︿<.


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