DIY Nails Art

  Hey, girls, today I want to share a simple DIY nails art to you. You don’t need to go to the nail salon and spend such long time in waiting for its finish. ≧ε ≦ You can enjoy the funny TV show while eating some delicious snacks. Sounds good, haha≧0≦

  Step1: You need to clean you hands and polish your nails.

  Step2: Prepare these nail polishes.

  Step3: Paint the base color evenly and then repeat this step again after fully dry out.

  Step 4: Roll the chocolate’s tinfoil like this, then use the tinfoil to stick to your nails surface gently.( remember: you nails need to have 80% dry)

  Step 5: If you are satisfied with this effect, you can paint a top coat, if not, you can also paint a white lacework.

  This is the effect pictures, what do you think? I think it’s not bad, so try it.≧△≦



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